7 Cool and productive stuffs to do while you wait…

Waiting can be really heart rending, it all of a sudden begins to appear like the time got slower. You scroll through and constantly refresh your mails, ask your friends for updates, send follow up mail…beginning to sound familiar right? The wait may be for admission into the university, mobilization for National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) or to hear back from your prospective employer where you have interviewed. I fall into the latter category and so not surprisingly I have been researching and looking up fun and productive things to do while I wait. I found some really ‘cool’ things so I thought to share. All these things make time go quickly and don’t necessarily need lot of cash to execute.

In no particular order, I have listed out some stuffs you could get busy with while you wait. They are:

  1. Read : Reading never goes out of fashion, irrespective of what you are reading ; an academic book, a journal, a blog post as this, a magazine… whatever just get lost in a book you would find an information that will stir you up to be a better person. Reading always wins, use a library. Read an old book, there are lots of free books on the amazon kindle store and you can download an e-reader from any of the stores. Just make sure you are reading.


  1. Learn/Develop a skill: I am not encouraging you to abandon your career path or become a petty trader, lol, nothing of that sort. I would just see leaning a trade or a skill as a positive distraction while you wait. Learn to cook, sew, bake, apply make-up… the list is endless While waiting to be mobilized for my youth service in 2014 (I had graduated from university about a year earlier) I had joined an empowerment centre very close to my house and in less than three months I have improved my culinary skills and could bake for my pleasure and I also made me some cool cash. Trust me if you finally get mobilized or get called up for the job before you start getting paid you may need to buy some start up kits… there is no problem as ‘too much money’ so extra cash won’t hurt.skill
  1. Volunteer: This is not a particularly common term in the part of the world I am from, but it exists. Spend the waiting time doing some volunteer work. You will be surprised at the amount of volunteer opportunities you had/have no idea about. And guess what? It would sit beautifully well in your resume. This is not just about me, but I and a couple of friends volunteered to carry out some youth empowerment task and it brought us much more than we expected. Not particularly financially…everything is not about financial gains.volunteer
  1. Start a business: Have you ever conceived the idea of becoming a business mogul? Thought of starting your own clothing line, grocery store etc.? What of this may be the only opportunity you have to develop a grand business idea and kick start it? What if you translate all those ideas into reality? The possibilities are endless and I am here hoping this stirs up something in you.                                                                               start
  2. Find your inner passion and re-strategize: do you fall into the category of those that can’t put a finger on what to do with their course of study upon graduation? Did you settle for that discipline because that was the only option? Or probably during the course of your study you realise that it wasn’t really what you expected. Oh well, now you can have a rethink and re-plan. It’s never late to switch careers or strengthen your career. Research potential areas to get an addition degree if you have not already gotten one. Spend quality time researching areas to specialize. Even when you get the job as a graduate trainee in any company, you may be asked your choice area. You don’t want to start your research then.    passion
  1. Travel: This is one of my favourite, you may soon get hung up with your new job or your service year that you may not have time to learn about places in your country or even other countries (if you are a part of the rich gang…lol). I particularly find travelling very therapeutic, a while ago I was at the University of Ibadan zoo with a friend and I saw so many beautiful animals. I just stated this to show that you don’t have to go to any luxurious place. Just travel, and travel light. On your journey visit people, take pictures, reflect, eat something new … just do it all. At least you don’t have to submit a report when you are done.  img_0756
  1. Attend Conferences, workshops and seminars: there are lot of leadership, personal development and career development seminars happening at very short spacing. These alongside lots of discipline and non-discipline specific conferences are good to take advantage of. This would strongly improve your network and networking skills. Most of these events come with short courses and our favourite; certificates. And since they come with little or no cost, you can attend as much as you want.                   img_0722                                                                                                                                                            There are many more things to do while you wait (I would really appreciate your contributions in the comment section). just don’t stay idle, I did that for some weeks and it wasn’t a fair ride. You may not have this luxury of time any more so make the most of it.

Thanks for reading through. xoxo


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  1. Learn musical instrument… Like the Late Baba 70 ‘Fela’ said, “Music is a spirit and if you respect the spirit of music, you will live long” . One of the interesting thing to do while waiting is to learn at least one musical instrument. It’s also ‘medicinal’ when you play such, it heals wounds and helps relaxes!
    Thank you Mz Noniki for the enlightenment ma’am.


  2. I’ve taken time to read this write up over and over again and i realised i picked up something fresh at every perusal.
    In summary, the acquired knowledge or self development gotten during the waiting period in life..sooner or later ends up becoming a life changing Career path one never planned for.
    #You discover the real you#


  3. The strength in your pen is creatively matured…only the brave can drink your ink..l pride myself to have known this great writer personally..more grace..I really have to be serious with my “positive distractions”.

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  4. Wow… Really cool stuff to stay engaged in the wait and productive too.
    I like the ‘Volunteer’ part…currwntly engaged in a volunteer assignment.
    Well… I’ll like to add that one could also invest the waiting time in strenghtening relationship with God, family and good friends.


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