The Imagination Tale

The Event:

Snake! Snake!! Snake!!

I was barely twenty minutes into my long anticipated beauty sleep when I yelled out the name of this venom-laden creature. At the sight of the long and slender creature, I had jumped of the bed and my loud cry had successfully awaken the sleeping warriors in my brothers; they had sticks ready to kill the snake. My very own Snake. They had skilfully made their way into my room and have taken strategic positions to kill the snake to prevent it from escaping and causing further chaos.

I was outside fidgeting and trying to explain the horrific experience to a concerned neighbour when I heard my brother’s loud hiss. “Mtcheeew, this girl is just a drama queen.” They had found the motionless ‘Large snake’, on my bed. It was my brown patent leather slim belt. I was going to just giggle and apologise to members of my family for disturbing their sleep, but I realised I had pulled a crowd already. I needed an explanation, I had to think up one in about two split seconds. The dumb part of my brain wanted me to say “the belt was made of snake skin and all that…” but I didn’t want people to question my recently obtained higher degree. I decided to tell the truth. A sequence of events will quickly do the trick I thought…


The Story:

Earlier that day I had walked in on my friend Lara seeing a captivating documentary (she almost didn’t notice me walk in), it was on snakes, beautiful belt-like snakes, all colours, lengths and origin. I was initially reluctant, but when I saw the mamba, I gave in. I watched for about fifteen minutes and had to rush somewhere else.

I remembered adjusting my braids occasionally on my way home when they felt like snakes walking on my shoulders. Dinner was spaghetti, in fact that night everything seemed to be in favour of the snake-theory. Even mom had refused to break the pasta so they were slender and very snake-like. I felt like I was feeding on slightly immature albino snakes (if there was even anything like that).

It was pretty late already so I did the dishes and went to my room. I lazily took off my clothes while talking on the phone with my friend and I left the clothes on the bed, the belt included. I remembered telling him about the documentary I saw at Lara’s and how it made me feel. He playfully switched the topic and suggested I was tired and needed a beauty sleep. Oh well, he was right, I was indeed tired. I remembered replaying some of the scenes from the snake documentary in my head before I finally fell asleep. Then I woke up shouting…That was the story, the true story. I tried narrating to them and they all had the ‘is-this-what-we-are-gathered-here-for’ look. So I decided to bring out some morals from my apparently unconvincing story.


The Lesson:

So at this point I am just going to assume I am talking to everyone the readers (you) and my rapidly declining crowd (such short-lived fame… lol).

I started- let’s imagine I had channelled such wonderful crowd-pulling imagination into a positive and productive idea? What if the same way everything fell in place to make me appear silly on a chilly Thursday morning, I was rather presenting a great discovery to a genuinely interested crowd?

I should mention; I noticed a few people nodding (my confidence went from 1 to 100) so my voice got louder and my legs automatically stopped shaking. I continued…

Asides this experience reiterating the potency and viability of our imaginations, a sad realisation hit me of how many of us underutilize and mostly misuse our imagination. Good thing is our imagination stands us out and could create a myriad of opportunities for us (or otherwise). Just the same way most of us imagine the worst of ourselves and future, a lot of great discoveries have been made because people imagined solutions to complex problems. What side would you rather be on?

Don’t get caught in the imagination trap where you imagine only the worst of situations and things or worse of all ignore the power of your imagination. Your imagination is unique to you! Also when you set the imagination in motion you wouldn’t want to waste it creating a snake (like I did).

Hopefully this posts sets your imagination in motion and allows you use it productively.

P.S: Before my friends on here start buzzing my private line to see if I’m alright, this tale was imagined… an imagined tale on imagination 😉.

Drop your comments and keep in touch. xx

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  1. Lols noniki albino snakes… please don’t take away my love for spags sha… I kind of saw my self giggling while reading this write up cos this is so noniki….. Actually pictured the whole family in this story😂😂.


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