I was once asked to give a presentation with my team some days ago. It was titled ‘Life’. I sat down with my team members in a heated brainstorming session on how to summarise ‘life’ into a 3-minute presentation. “That’s like trying to fit an elephant into a tote bag”, I said to myself.

Since the presentation was due the next day, I tried to work my head around it on my way home. I was obviously having a fair share of writers block because after an hour the notepad was still empty.

After 15 minutes, I realised the problem; I was trying too hard. “Life is easy” I said and I began to write smiling.

The Words I wrote:

We try so hard to attain perfection in life that we end up not living it. We spend quality time blaming our misfortunes on some evil being out of reach, when the antidote is simple: Live life!

Life is beautiful. This short statement has received lot of criticism as life has been termed ‘unfair’. I would argue life is fair; if everyone knows that life is unfair, that is fair enough.

Accept life’s beauty and live consciously with the goal to live happily and fulfilled and watch how the odds will continue stack in your favour.

Just like the philosophy behind the law of attraction; by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life. So stay positive and life will fall in place.

As a wrap, rather than spend your time brooding over the great things you have lost in life or things you don’t have yet, appreciate the things you have.

Happiness in life is key and is not worth trading for any earthly thing. Live life. Regrets steal our joy and automatically add us to the list of those that hate life.

Don’t join them, enjoy life. A popular acronym ‘YOLO’ says you only live once, but in Mae West’s popular saying, if you live it well, once is enough.


Your Friend,

Rock Lover (Nonso)

PS: I have received all your mails and suggestions and I have worked on some and I am still working on others. Please follow the blog for latest updates and posts. Keep in touch and tell a friend.



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  1. Beautifully crafted… focus being on ‘beautiful’; yet still leaves a ton of questions unanswered like “what happiness do I present to that 40-something year old man stretched out across a rickety bus sleeping, with the expression on his face nothing short of agony; what picture of ‘beauty’ do you paint to the c. 7 year old Muslim boy I ran into just yesterday who has no knowledge of the English language save for the words “broda pls p…l..s help me”; what positive tot could you ask that beautiful old woman who currently lives in an IDP camp and eats garri with ‘water mixed with oil’ (a sad excuse for soup); is it out of place for that 5 year old I met walking alone and broken along the streets of my village without any prospect for the future, to crave something greater but fully concious of the fact that the stroke of ‘fate’ will ensure he never attains them and wuld prolly end up as an old man living a mud hut deriving joy only from a keg of palm wine? Everyone deserves the chance to be happy; the universe, a god or the God, or whatever entity designs the fate of mankind – where they are born and into what they are born, have greatly done a lot of innocent hearts a ton of disservice… Give Segun the right platform you gave a Barrack, Give Akpos the same chance at success you gave the Donald… if by reason of the geospatial attribute of your birth 80% of your potential life success or failure thereof have been determined then you can tick this arguement as being truth to the T, cause life is not beautiful not for the those run over by the same well before they opened up their eyes to be welcomed into the world.


    • Thanks for your comment Leonine. Very comprehensive and comprehensible. However, as an advocate of happiness, I would always suggest embracing life’s variety rather that seeing it as being unfair. So instead of ‘Segun’ worrying about not having the right platform to succeed like Barrack (seeing he can do nothing about it) he spends time thinking on how much he can improve the quality of his life by working harder than his counterpart who already has his life sorted out (or maybe not). Remember life is beautiful and beauty lies in the eyes of those who choose to see it. Once we choose to brood over life’s downs (which must surely come and thankfully won’t last forever) let’s appreciate the fact that the ups will come. Once there is life there is hope.. Cheers 🙂


      • Yimu… apparently you’ve chosen to see just what you intend to; have a read again and on a second go you might just see that which I tried to present. The argument is valid and as rational beings we need to acknowledge that much first and foremost… Double cheers !!!


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