5 Simple ways to deal with Loss of Motivation.

A lot of us are familiar with the point where we all feel unmotivated to keep trying and to keep working towards achieving our goals. This feeling is usually caused by repeated episodes of trying that has resulted in failure or wasted efforts. You start out with a strong determination to achieve a set goal but along the line you are faced with unanticipated challenges that drain you of your motivation till you have none at all.

This situation most often pushes you gradually to a point where you give up on goals and dreams you hold so dear. Are you struggling to find your motivation or at the verge of quitting? Do you find yourself drifting away from a plan you had so much interest in because it seems like you are not making any reasonable progress?

Try out these 5 simple method to combat loss of motivation.

  1. Reflect: You may be so hung up on trying to achieve your goals that you lose sight the reason you started. Reflecting on the reason you started that goal will not only refuel your motivation but will also provide the needed drive to achieve your goals. Remember why you started and this will help you return your eyes to the prize. Reflect
  2. Re-strategize: Most times when you find yourself stuck and unmotivated you might just need to sit down and re-strategize. What if the reason for loss of motivation is because you are not doing it rightly? What if you are not meant to do it? What if there is a different approach to attaining your goals than the one you are already applying? All these questions will set you in the right path and help you re-strategizeRestrategize
  3. Reach out: You may need to ask if anyone is currently working on or has completed something you are struggling with. This may go a long way in helping you clarify your goals and gives you head up. Sometimes a ‘fresh eye’ is all you need. Don’t be shy to ask for help, reach out!  Reach out
  4. Visualise your Success: Another helpful tip is visualising yourself successfully completing the task. This would propel you by rekindling the fire in you and you will find yourself making conscious step to revive your motivation. Imagine eventually passing the exams after the persistent failure, being called up for the best job of all after so many “we regret to inform you” mails, the list continues… creative_visualization
  5. Reward yourself: Acknowledge the fact that you have moved from where you used to be no matter how tiny the step. Lack of motivation isn’t always a bad thing, it is a sign that you are trying. So when you are stuck you may want to take yourself out on a date, eat all you want (you would hit the gym later), travel, shop (or window shop…lol), get a massage, whatever just distract yourself for a while. This would help you relax so you start out with new energy and better vibes. Rewarding_Yourself

Don’t give up on your goals due to lack of motivation, you may just be pretty close to reaching your goal than you imagine. The steps are simple but the impact they will make will surprise you pleasantly. I’m pretty sure things will get better.

Your Friend,

Rock lover (Nonso)


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  1. I am really happy i stumbled on your blog, this post and every other post has spoken to me just when I needed a turning around in my life. It’s such a wonderful feeling.


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