So…Where do you see yourself in the next five years?


So…Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I’m pretty sure a good number of readers opened this post with the expectation that it will provide possible answers to this popular interview question, sorry to burst your bubble; it didn’t. I didn’t even have that in mind when putting up this post. Life is more than just reciting some memorised answer to a stern looking interviewer who could care less about where you will be even in the next five minutes as long as it’s not in his/her face. They would expect answers that show you are interested in the actualisation of the company’s long term goal. Oh well…this is really not about that right now. The question is where really see yourself in five years’ time?


I have been working on this question for some time now and truth is I have not been able to put together an answer until recently. I thought…Rather than rack my brain about where I will be in five years, it would be easier if I asked myself where I would love to be in five years and create it. It reduces the uncertainty. Only very few people (if anyone) have the ability to predict the future so instead of trying to fix the answer to this question, I could take conscious steps to get the kind of “next five years” I desire.

To assist with this plan to create your desired future, I have listed out these 5 Key points below. I literally wrote and pasted them on my wall beside my goals – trust me this is not a bad idea. Since I have a really “scary” projection of my near future, I have to take extreme measures to make it come to reality.

The keys are:

  • Every minute matters: Act like every second counts because it really does. Pay conscious attention to what takes a huge portion of your time, if it is not in sync with the future you wish to create, it’s simple – Stop it! Time wasted cannot be regained.Every Minute matters
  • Stop talking and start acting!: You know those beautiful things you say you want to be, the things you tell your friends and family about, the juicy details of what you can do with your degree, the plan to start up a business etc. it will continue to be stories if you don’t act. Remember talk is cheap! Stop saying and start doing. stop talking
  • Select your trip mates wisely: This is pretty easy yet hard. You know those friends that discourage you from doing anything, constantly spread negative vibes and energy, make you wallow in self-pity and remind you that the society is bad and won’t help in the actualisation of your dreams… you don’t need them around you for too long. They will slow you down if you even get to move at all. Select people with similar vision and plans for your journey, as irrelevant as it might sound, it is super important. So start choosing and choose wisely.choose ur fri
  • Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks: If you are waiting for things to fall in place before you take a step, you may never take that step. Do you background findings, evaluate the outcomes, anticipate some resistance but don’t stop. If the end result appears good, it is worth taking the risk for.take risks

I strongly believe that like most success principles, if you work them properly they would work beautifully well for you. I am currently on them! Most of them are self-explanatory but I am willing to talk briefly on them.


Just think of where you want to see yourself in the next five years and CREATE it.


I wish you well on your journey to attain excellence. See you at the top!







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  1. I read this with immediate effect!!! Thank you so much for putting this out there !! I am completely in sync with you!!! Life best lived is Life by design – Jim Rohn (A forever Mentor) !!
    Keep on dear!!


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