“Bye 2017!”– Lessons for 2018.

I literally walked into 2017 like a boss, I had just returned from my post-graduate studies three months earlier with my idea pad full. I had plans – personal growth plans, youth empowerment Ideas, business ideas… I remembered on my trip back from crossover service I said to myself with a smirk “2017 is not ready for me”. I should have added a caveat, I really should have said that it wasn’t a challenge. 2017 came at me with a bang! a loud bang! I wasn’t ready…

I had worked so hard in 2016 and I was about 80% sure that I would reap all the fruits in the coming year. I had put the worst-case scenario at June 2017. I expected to be settled career wise, emotionally, financially and all the other “allies” by the first half of the year.

I got the opposite. My relationship headed dramatically for rock bottom, I had to stammer when people ask me the famous “what are you doing now?” question, I was clueless about most things, I couldn’t decide on which of my crafts to fully monetize. 2017 isn’t smiling man… I am refusing to believe it’s December already and I am not working in my dream company yet.

2017 dealt me a big blow, but it wasn’t without lessons, beautiful lessons and I learnt most of them the hard way. It also emphasized some previously known lessons. I would cleave firmly to this lessons for a long while. I am grateful for the lessons and they have formed my mantra for 2018.

Less talk more action: Everything does not have to pass your test of logic, it really doesn’t have to make sense all the time. Just start, stop over-planning, stop over-thinking, just do it. This is not me saying planning is bad, but when it starts to interfere with actions – it should be checked.

Being patient is different from waiting idly: You can achieve numerous things while waiting for the almighty plan to unfold. While you wait, get busy. I launched my cake business, working on a new business and taught English online while patiently waiting for the call from places I had interviewed. See post

People don’t need to know everything: I don’t know how to say this without sounding pseudo-paranoia, but for real, guys protect your news. Wait till it hatches first. Bad vibes ruins things. I will stop here.

Some counsels will keep you sane: You could use some good counsel, talk to people if you need to. Open – up, cry out for help, get and use sound advice. It’s not abnormal to be depressed

Rest: Stress induced illness are on the rise. Health is wealth. Go on a vacation, staycation or “baecation” just look for time to rest amidst your daily hustle and hassles. Eat well and healthy too. I broke down a couple of times this year and I won’t let it happen again.

You’ll reap what you sow, not necessarily where you sow: there’s this thing where you get bitter at people for not even being there for you. You had probably taken a bullet for them in the past or something better. Faaam! you just need to chill-out and let nature takes its course. The good may not come back from them but it will surely come back to you. (Tara Durotoye Inspired)

Be Visible: I was a couch potato in 2017. I was reluctant to go out, I always had freshly-baked excuses when friends invite me out. I was only interested in professional networking and my social life suffered as a result. I short-changed myself. Well, I have already started researching places, hangout and things to do in 2018. You all need to see me in 2018!!!

I know a lot happened to us this year, I would love you to share in the comment section. You could inspire me or someone else.

Have a fabulous 2018 ahead!

Stay Inspired! Be Intentional!

This post is dedicated to my favourite Aunt Mrs Fesobi Pamela Abiose (Nee Lisk), you are always in my heart. Continue to rest in peace.




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  1. Hi Nonso! First time visit to your blog and this is really nice!! So lemme share!

    Lesson 1: *YOLO; Break the old rules*
    I wanted to get a car. I heard all the “You are single!” “Men will runaway” “Your future husband will buy you a car” “Ok buy a small car like picanto”
    I dint listen…I won that battle and bought what I liked.
    I wanted to move out. The voices were here again “You are a single woman!” “You are 27” “Men will think you are not responsible” blah blah blah
    This battle they won…I dint get to move out and enjoy all the fun I would have had as a young independent spinster! I felt restricted…promised myself I would win in my next life.

    Lesson 2: *God’s ways are not that of men*
    I was healing from a breakup almost all through 2016…so when I met this awesome dude in December 2016, I had hoped that since we moved 0 – 90 in that month of our meeting, we would do the last ’10’ in 2017 and tie the knot.
    That did not happen. I ended up getting engaged to the guy i spent 2016 trying to get over…lol

    I hoped secretly that my dream engineering job will come this year and I will be saved from the path of accounting I had embarked on…but tada! Am still an accountant and I have started exams towards becoming a chartered accountant. 🙈🙈

    No lessons learnt or maybe still Lesson 1: I did not tick off anything from my list of ‘Stuff I must do before I die’ : scuba-diving, sky-diving,etc Fear did not let me even when I had the opportunity.

    I had plans of relocating to Canada…I never got to apply🙈🙈🙈

    I hope its an interesting read as well.
    Bye 2017! I love you!

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    • Wow!!!!! Thank you so so much for sharing dear. I really appreciate! I have learnt so much from your comment! I am sure this would inspire others too. Indeed, God’s way are not that of men.. I am breaking plenty old rules this year too. ☺
      Thanks for stopping by xx


  2. Happy new year Nonso, good you are not waiting idly….. I’m glad you are not dwelling on the bad experiences. I’ve learnt from your post……. ‘people don’t need to know everything’. Have a fantastic 2018


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